October 13 – 19, 2019

Bolgar, Republic of Tatarstan,
Russian Federation

Dear colleagues,

Bolgar Islamic Academy, with the support of the leadership of the Republic of Tatarstan, in partnership with Kazan Federal University and with the assistance of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Central Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia, the Spiritual Board of Muslims in the Russian Federation and the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan, is honoured to announce the IST International forum “THEOLOGICAL HERITAGE OF MUSLIMS IN RUSSIA“.

The Forum will take place within the events aimed at the implementation of the Action Plan to ensure the training of specialists with profound knowledge of Islamic history and culture in 2017–2020. This is in accordance with the administrative directive of the Russian Federation government dated November 18th, 2016, No 2452-p.

The objectives of the Forum are:

  • the consolidation of the efforts of scientists, experts, public and religious figures in discussing and resolving current issues of preserving, studying and developing traditional spiritual Islamic values of the Muslim nations of Russia; –
  •  highlighting the issues related to the development of Islamic theology in Russia;
  •  the reinforcement of cultural civilizational and inter-religious dialogue in the context of modern Russia and globalization in the world.

The following issues are to be discussed at the Forum:

  • research methodology and information exchange between Russian and foreign scientists in the area of higher Islamic education development;
  • traditional vector and innovative approaches in Islamic theology in the international and Russian community;
  • intellectual tradition of the Russian Islam in the context of all-Muslim idea: methodological foundations of the modern comparative research;
  • discovery, accumulation, storage and description of the written legacy samples of the Muslim nations in Russia
  • implementation of the Sharia law in present-day conditions;
  • national and public stance and religious identity of the Muslim youth in Russia and abroad: basic principles and development environment.

The following scientific events are planned to be arranged at the Forum:

Academic competition in the Arabic and Russian languages is within the Conference framework.

  1. October 13 – 15, 2019 International research-to-practice conference “III International Bolgar readings “TRADITIONS AND RENOVATION OF THEOLOGICAL LEGACY”
  2. October 14 – 16, 2019 All-Russian research-to-practice conference “ISLAM AND SOCIETY: REGIONAL ASPECT”
  3. October 15 – 17, 2019 Transregional research-to-practice conference “III Readings in the name of Sh. Marjani “QUEST FOR THEOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS IN THE ERA OF GLOBALIZATION”
  4. October 17 – 19, 2019 Students’ International research-to-practice conference “FORMING OF THE MUSLIM YOUTH CIVIC POSITION IN RUSSIA AND ABROAD”

It is planned to arrange plenary and panel sessions of the conferences. The program of the Forum also includes discussion of a wide range of current issues. There will be public lectures and seminars at the presentation and discussion platforms of the Academy.

Forum business languages – Russian, Tatar, Arabic, and English.

Conditions of participation

Islamic scholars, theologists, religious scholars, historians, representatives of scientific and educational organizations, students, religious and public figures are invited to participate in the Forum.

Participation can be in any of the following formats:

  • in person: oral or poster presentation, participation in discussions;
  • virtually: submission of the paper for publication.

The participants will be provided with synchronous interpretation into Forum business languages as well as with all the required technical devices.

Participation in the scientific events of the Forum is free of charge.

All expenses for travel, accommodation and meal of the participants whose applications are approved by the Organizing Committee will be covered by the organizers.

Forum Cultural Program

Participants and guests of the Forum will be able to get acquainted with the activities of the Bolgar Islamic Academy and visit the Bolgar Historical and Architectural Reserve-Museum. The museum is the most northern monument of medieval Muslim architecture in the world. It is a unique example of Bolgar Tatar architecture dated back to the middle of the XIII – XIV centuries.

Requirements for applicants registration and paper submission

The Forum participant needs to provide the documents listed below within the established time limits:

an application indicating the scientific event, name, place of work, position, academic degree and / or academic rank (if any), email address, mobile phone number (the form attached);

 text of the paper up to 0.25 printed pages (10,000 characters).

The text should be in Microsoft Word (6.0; 7.0; 8.0; XP), font size – 14, Times New Roman headset, single spacing, format – rtf. Fields – everywhere 2.5 cm. Alignment – in width. Headings should be in bold, in capital letters and centered. A participant’s name should be indicated in italics in the upper right corner. All footnotes are paginated, the numbering of links is end-to-end.

The text of the article should be structured into sections. Annotations are to be in English and Russian (volume 100-150 words) with an indication of keywords (5-7 words). They should be carefully verified.

The structure of the manuscript full text devoted to the description of the results of original research should correspond to the generally accepted template and include the following sections: introduction (relevance), purpose, materials and methods, results, conclusions, discussion.

Each reference in the bibliography should be numbered and placed on a new line. References to the sources in the article are to be presented in square brackets in Arabic numerals. The format of the bibliography should comply with U.S. requirements and standards (U.S. National Information Standards Organization NISO Z39.29-2005 [R2010]). This will allow articles to be further indexed in the international databases.

When referring to journal articles (the most common source of information citation), you should do it in the following way: Author A.A., Co-author B. B. Article title. The name of the magazine. Year; Volume (Number): pp. 56–66.

The conference materials will be published as independent collections of articles and abstracts. They will be available on the Forum website.

It is planned to place the collections on the article-by-article basis in the scientometrical database of the Russian Science Citation Index (Russian Science Citation Index).

 You are kindly asked to inform in advance if you need any technical equipment for your performance.

The Editorial Board of the Forum reserves the right not to accept materials for publication if they are not designed according to the standard, or do not correspond to the stated topics or if they have been published previously.

The Editorial Board does not correspond with the authors.

Important dates

The application deadline – October 1, 2019.

The paper submission deadline – October 5, 2019.

The deadline for informing participants about the registration of the application and the acceptance of the report – October 7, 2019.

Preparation of the Forum program – October 10, 2019

Additional information on conditions of participation and the requirements for the preparation of papers and abstracts will be indicated in the coming newsletters of the conferences. Guide to authors and other details will be also available on the Forum website at:

Forum address

1, Kul Gali Street, Bolgar, Republic of Tatarstan, 422840, Russia.

Forum coordinators

  • Mr. Rakhimov Suleiman (Conference 1), +7(963) 120 8 021;
  • Mr.  Kozlov Vladimir Petrovich ( Conference 2), +7(937)6151624 ;
  • Mr. Khurmatullin Azat (Conference 3), +7(960) 035 0 395;
  • Mr. Fathullin Ramis (Conference 3), +7(904) 665 0 432;
  • Ms. Khodjieva Gulnaz (Conference 4), +7(905) 311 2 649;

Organizing committee

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